Refund Policy

​United States/ State of Florida/ County of Pinellas    Updated on 1/22/2017

If you have paid your entire wedding fee's up front we will process a return to you. However, we do keep the $50 non refundable booking fee. Returns may take up to 30 days to process.  Please remember that if you used a credit/debit card your banking institution may take longer to process your return once it is submitted by us. In addition, If you have only paid the deposit that is considered non refundable. Process fee's charged during the booking are not refundable. A refund may also be processed (less booking fee) if, due to Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and other restricting event occur, and we are unable to rebook the date(s) you have requested. In addition, event dates cancelled by Bergeron Ministry out of a reasonable concern for safety or where there is a possibility of harm or danger to property or person will be subject to the non refundable terms of our Refund Policy. Booking Fee's are refundable when an event has been cancelled by Bergeron Ministry due to illness of the wedding officiant, a death or other event which prevents the officiant from attending your event. Customers must submit a request, in writing, within ten (10) days of the originally scheduled event for a refund. In the event of a dispute a respresentative from Bergeron Ministry will contact you, explain our position and you have up to ten (10) business days to respond. Bergeron Ministry will make every attempt to resolve and arbitrate all disputes within thirty (30) days. If, in the event, your refund request has not been resolved and you retain legal representation you must notify us within ten (10) business days. Your notification should be sent to us via certified mail (at your expense) and must include the name of your representative, contact information, address and any case number or assigned identification number provided to you by your representative.

Information should be sent to:
Gary Bergeron
Bergeron Ministry
12000 4th Street North Unit 910
St Petersburg, FL 33716

If, in the event of any legal proceeding, a judgement has been made in favor of Bergeron Ministry you will be responsible for all legal fee's accrued by us with regard to obtaining representation, all fee's associated with the case and any additional fee's as ordered by the court.
​This will also include but is not limited to any fee's associated with loss of revenue due to the action you have taken.
​In addition, this policy is in accordance with generally accepted refund policies for service providers in the United States. Any legal action taken by the consumer must take place in the State of Florida and the County of Pinellas.

Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and other restricting events
​If a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning or Watch is issued by the National Weather Service for the Tampa Bay region it will be necessary to reschedule your event. Please contact us immediately so that we can discuss alternative plans. Other restrictive events include (but are not limited to) Natural disasters, National disastors (which may include acts of violence or terrorism) or any other event where harm or danger is a possibility and may result in the termination or delay of your event. Please contact us immediately so we can discuss what options are available. Please note that Bergeron Ministry does reserve the right to cancel our attendance at any event where there is a possibility of harm or danger to property or person. If we choose to cancel our attendance at your event we will issue a refund as outlined in our Refund Policy above.